Foxy Land – A unique Buildbox game!



Our super seller MensellGames is selling a very unique Buildbox game called Foxy Land!

Our first impression was how unique the Fox Character is designed! The Little Fox is super cute and quite impressive with his jumps. The overall game design looks very nice at first glance and all the objects in-game are extremely eye-catching. The gameplay is very simple, yet addictive. You have 3 arrows where the first 2 on the left are meant to navigate. The one on the far right is meant to jump and avoid the obstacles! The goal is very straightforward, collect as much apple and diamonds as you can while moving up the levels! The developer behind this Buildbox game also made sure the obstacles are fun and intuitive! We are big fans ourselves of retro games and this one reminds us with the good old days! We highly recommend this adventure game to anyone looking to reskin it and publish it in the respective stores.

There is also a youtube video where you can watch the game in action! Here is what you get when you buy FoxyLand:

  • The Buildbox Project
  • All Assets
  • All Sound Effects and Background music
  • Full Documentation and File

For all these impressive features this game has to offer, we give this Buildbox game a review score of 9/10!



September 13, 2020