Da Army Man – Android Game

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Service Description

How does this mobile game make money?

  • We promoted this game through Google Ads and achieved 127 installs. The spending was $9 (108 Egyptian Pounds) and the profit was $24.92 through in-app purchases in October 2020. The total revenue is $33.92.
  • $110 in earnings from google advertisements were generated in November 2020. From 1st November until now. The earnings before November 2020 are shown in the listing table.
  • There is a 30% commission from Google Play.
  • 1103 installs through organic searches.
  • The total number of installs for this game is: 1.23K
  • 17 reviews in total.

Why own a mobile game with us?

  • No coding required
  • Everything is manageable through your google play dashboard
  • Passive income through ads + in-app purchases
  • No regular updates required
  • Long-term investment
  • Life-time support from us

Game Highlights

  • 4 Different Game Modes
  • 7 Unlockable Characters
  • 1 In-App Purchases: 500 coins for $3.99
  • Remove Ads button for $0.99
  • High Quality Design & Gameplay


  •  We will transfer to you the Android game to your google play developer account.
  •  We will integrate your Google Admob IDs for you.


1) We will share with you how to promote mobile games with Google Adwords! We will provide you our adwords campaign that helped us achieve $24.92 in profit with only $9 in spending!

The game also earned $110 from google advertisements in November 2020. Starting from 1st November until now.

2) 25% off your next purchase with us (Every week, iKodeGames releases 2 games so this is a great opportunity for you!).

3) We will integrate your logo into the starting screen of the game.

4) We will integrate your Google Admob codes ID's into the game.

5) Once all the changes has been made by us, we will update the game and transfer you the ANDROID game to your respectable developer account.

6) We will provide you the source codes of the IOS & ANDROID version.

7) Premium Support (weekends included).

FAQ          -------------------------------------------------------

A- What is required to keep the app operational?

Nothing is required to keep the app operational. The game has game center integrated with a leaderboard system that is already active in the google play developer console.  A 25$ life-time fee will be required for your google developer account.

B- Why are you selling the app? 

We are an AAA+ company in this mobile industry with a huge portfolio of games.  We create high quality games with huge potential and sell them here.

C- How can the future owner improve the app? 

The future owner will definitely improve the game by following our book system that helped us achieve over $85,000. BIN Bonuses ONLY).

D- Do you provide full support such as bug fixes if encountered, any issues regarding the game?

We provide life-time support for our games. Any bug that you may encounter will be fixed for free.

E- Will you explain to me any questions that I may have regarding the mobile industry? 

Yes, we will gladly reply to all of your questions and concerns. We will make sure that everything is clear to you before and after the transfer process. We will guide your hand through all the steps. We will definitely go the extra-mile with you.

You can place your bids with confidence, we have a 100% positive feedbacks from our customers with almost $90,000 in transactions!

We don't guarantee any future earnings because we don't personally know you nor know your work ethics/motivation. All earnings are in CAD currency.


You will need to spend $25 to create your google play developer account. Nothing else is required to receive the game.